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Surrender is the way in Spirituality ....

Surrender is only way you can attain the highest state in spirituality and surrender should be complete, where you don\'t have any thing left.From here the god or spiritual area starts. There are may example. One instance every knows is draupdi she asked for help when she was taken into sabha after pandav lost but nobody helped her. After that she was hold the her saries herself. After calling god also nobody cam for help even krishna. But as sson as she left everything from there krishna takes control and saves here. Surrender is importatnt in life.

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3662 days 16 hrs 30 mins ago By Meenakshi Goyal

prahladji ka vishwas hi tha jisne param pita parmeshwar ko khambe se prakat hone par majbur kar diya tha. narsiji ka vishwas hi tha jisne thakurji ko nani bai ke bhaat mei swarn ki varsha karne par majbur kiya tha. meerabaiji ka vishwas hi tha jo zehar bhi amrit ban gaya tha. brijwasiyon ka vishwas hi tha jo prabhu ne nakh par girivar ko dharan kiya tha.

3662 days 16 hrs 36 mins ago By Meenakshi Goyal

samarpan to hai hi saath hi apne isht par vishwas ki bhi bahut zarurat hai. bina vishwas ke to dawa bhi asar nahin karti.

3712 days 13 hrs 19 mins ago By Vandana Goel

One more thing which is important regarding surrender is it can only come to a bhakt who has unflinching and unwavering mind in the opulences of Krishna!

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