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Radharaniji love for Gopis

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Radharani's love for Gopis



A great pastime in Nikunj is "Jhulan Leela" (Swinging Pastime).Once Radha was swinging while sitting on the left side of Lord and all the female friends were swinging the Radha-Madhav. In that case, Radha feels that her female friends should also have this pleasure. This is Radhaji's vow that whatever pleasures she gets, her female friends should also get.



Radharaniji is love creeper. Radha is the creeper and her friends are flowers on it. The way a creeper gives juice to nourish its flowers, it gives its juice. in the same way, Radha is desire-creeper, gives juice (nectar) to her female friends and makes them jubilant. Friends have appeared from Radhaji's body hair. So, in "Jhulan Lila" Radhaji told Krishna to seat all their female friends on the swing just like her. At Radharani's order, Shyamsundar started the "sukh-daan" lila (Pleasure giving past-time).



Lalitaji is sitting on one side, Radhaji on the other and Lord is sitting in the middle. The illustration of this past time is very sweet. That swing is on the Kadamba-tree in Nikunj, Radha-Madhav is sitting on the swing and have made Lalitaji sit on the left and is putting his hand on her shoulder and is giving her pleasure similar to Radharani.



In the meantime, a female friend Kundalata said, "Look! This stained moon taking Radha and Anuradha in its splendid and south is extending the glory. God is the full moon. Now, look at the sacrifice of Radhaji that she requests that now seat the female friends on both sides and let me swing like they swing me, and she started pushing the swing. So in this way she started giving pleasure to each of them one by one. There is so much sacrifice and idealism of Radhaji.



And look at the sacrifice of other female friends that they didn't choose to sit on the swing for personal pleasure but for the pleasure of Radhaji. They don't have any personal benefit. In this past time, Lord wanted to fulfill the pleasure desire of Radhaji, as Radharaniji wanted this. That's why the gopis accepted the past time. This is the height of gopi's love. Where is Radha's pleasure?" in Krishna" and gopis' pleasure "in Radhaji", so that Radha-Krishna will get pleasure, they are the goal of life for gopis. And Radhaji's great sacrifice gives pleasure to gopis who follow her love. Such a divine and transcendental pleasure it is.



What is the specialty of the significance of love ? "pride emptiness" she has no pride or ego. She doesn't have the ego that Krishna is dependent on me. Radhaji is sitting with Krishna and swinging on the swing. Nor gopis have any pride that Krishna is putting his hand on our shoulders. Because, if there is any hindrance in spiritual practice then it is "pride". So it is "pride" which is serving his sacrifice, in love, the biggest thing" affliction" and "pride". Lord's everything has been sacrificed for Lord. Has offered everything but still has this feeling in mind that I take from beloved, don't give anything. In fact, she has sacrificed everything body, mind, wealth, house, relatives everything. Offered everything to the feet of Krishna. There is no pride that we give. "pride emptiness", "affliction" and "sacrifice" only these three things make gopis' life great.



This is the love of Radharani for her female friends and vice-versa. This love makes them the ideal of love.

DISCLAIMER:Small effort to expression what ever we read from our scripture and listened from saints. We are sorry if this hurts anybody because information is incorrect in any context.
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DISCLAIMER:Small effort to expression what ever we read from our scripture and listened from saints. We are sorry if this hurts anybody because information is incorrect in any context.
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