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Radharaniji’s divine form’s view to Naradji

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Radharaniji’s divine form’s view to Naradji

Once, on knowing that Lord Krishna has appeared in Braj, Naradji reached there playing the harp. On reaching there, at the house of Nandji ,he got view of great-Ascetic  God-Achyut  who was disguised as a child .He was sleeping on the gold  bed covered with soft white fabrics and the happy girls who were in love, were adoring him in happiness .His body was very tender. His glance was very innocent just like himself. His black curly hair strands were touching the ground. He would chuckle sometimes in between letting his one or more teeth showing off. Naradji was delighted to see his naked child-form.


After that Mahadbhav Naradaji began to think that-Due to the appearance of Lord Shri Narayana, Kanta Laxmi Devi must have been embodied by adopting milkmaid’s form due to the pain of separation. There is no doubt in it. Hence they should find her in house of the Braj citizens.


With this in mind, sage was visiting as a guest at the houses of Braj citizens, and was being worshipped by Vishnu’s intellect. He also mentally bowed to Gops his on, seeing their excellent love in Son of Nanda.

Naradaji’s visit to Vrisha Bhanuji’s House


Then he went to the house of Saint Bhanu, a friend of Nand. He duly worshipped him. Then great Naradji asked him,” saint, you are famous due to your religiousness. Do you have any capable son or a girl of positive qualities, so that your fame can pervade all planets.”


On being asked by best of sages, Bhanu first brought his great bright son and greeted him with Narada. In order to show his daughter, Narada was taken inside the house. By entering the house, he lifted the little transcendental baby girl who was lying on earth, in his lap. At that time his conscious was getting moved with affection.


Naradji was enchanted by looking at the infinite and early-asserted supernatural nature of the girl .And gazed her till two muhurtas and fell in great wonder. Then sage thought in such a way that-I was charmed and excited in all the places but did not see such a strange girl anywhere. As the whole world becomes fascinated by whose beautiful form, I have seen that Great Illusionary, Giriraj’s daughter Bhagwati too. She cannot even get her opulence.Godessses like Laxmi, Sarsvati, kanti and Vidya etc.cannot even touch her shadow. So I don’t have any power in me to know its truth anyway. Other people do not often know this beloved of Hari. From having a mere glance of her, my love has bloomed in Govinda’s lotus feet like never before.


Taking such a thought, Sage sent cowherd Pravar Bhanu elsewhere, and in a lonely place, he started praising that girl of divine form. After praising, shedding the tears from his eyes, in a very modest note he said,


O’Beloved of Hari, I want to see the divine worship able form of you that Nand’s son Shrikrishna will be enchanted by looking at. By showing mercy to the surrendered and devoted devotees, you should show your appearance .After requesting like this, Naradji with a surrendered consciousness greeted the goddess who remains in ultimate pleasure and while thinking about Lord Govinda, he kept looking towards the goddess.


View of Radharaniji to Naradaji


At the time when he was doing keertan of Krishna, Bhanu sutta took the excessively charming and appealing divine form of a fourteen year old .Immediately the other Braj girls  who were in same age group and had been wearing Divine jewelry and beautiful necklaces, surrounded the girl from all sides. At that time the girl’s friends sprinkled  the nectar(liquid  obtained as a resultant of the washing of her divine feet with milk, curd, honey, clarified butter, juices etc)over Narada Muni and,

Compassionately Spoke:-Blessed best of sages! In fact you have worshipped God with devotion because the view of this form is rare even for demigods like Brahma. That universally-enchanting beloved of Hari has given you the view of that wonderful form, as a result of any virtue. Divine sage rise! Get up! Immediately take patience and circumambulate her and greet her over and over again. Do not you see that at any moment she will disappear and you will not be able to have any interaction with her in anyway.

Upon hearing the words of those affectionate female friends, Narada circumambulated the beautiful girl for two muhuratas and offered his obeisance by lying in prostration. After that, he called Bhanu and said-The effect of your daughter is very big. Even God cannot know its significance .In the house where there are marks of her lotus feet there is presence of Lord Narayana himself and there is also Lakshmi, along with all the accomplishments. From today, protect this beautiful daughter, who is adorned with complete ornaments equally like Mahadevi in the house. After saying this, Narada went away singing glories of Hari.

“Jai Jai Shree Radhey”

DISCLAIMER:Small effort to expression what ever we read from our scripture and listened from saints. We are sorry if this hurts anybody because information is incorrect in any context.
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DISCLAIMER:Small effort to expression what ever we read from our scripture and listened from saints. We are sorry if this hurts anybody because information is incorrect in any context.
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